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Wall Panels & Trim


We have two different types of wall panels for showers and tub/showers. Smooth panels and tile pattern panels. We also offer various trims to finish the look of the shower. The information below will help you select a panel and a trim that's right for you.

For a shower that is very easy to clean and maintain, our smooth panels are just the thing. Available in any of our colors, these panels are 3/8" thick and provide a look different and more durable than that of a fiberglass or plastic shower.


Click the image or text above to go to the Panel and trim information page.

These 3 different trims will provide an attractive way to finish off any shower. They can be used with the smooth panels but, are required for use with the tile pattern panels. (Tile pattern panels have no finished edges)


Chair Rail trim and Pencil Edge trim come in 9ft. lengths. Top Cap trim comes in 8ft. length.


Click the image or text above to go to the panel and trim information page.

If you are looking for a tile appearence but, don't want the grout...our tile pattern panels are just what you need. 4 different patterns to give you options for the appearence, available in all of our colors, these panels are 1/2" thick and can give you a truly groutless shower with all the beauty of tile.


All of these panels should be ordered slightly larger than needed so that they can be scribed to make the grout lines align properly. Max. height on these panels is 96" (subway panel max. is 93"h)


Click the image or text above to go to the panel and trim information page.

Click the image above to go to the document. From there you can print the document. Fill it out completely and fax it to 610-367-7922 OR email it to

Please be sure to indicate the type of panel you want quoted or ordered. Also, write down any trim that you would like to have included.


ALL orders require a 50% non refundable deposit.

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