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Shower Bases & Tubs


There are shower bases and bath tubs to meet everyone's needs. 7 different standard sized shower bases and 5 basic bath tubs make fitting into existing standard size spaces easy. Custom shower bases make filling the needs of not so standard spaces easy as well. Custom bases can take on shapes other than the usual square or rectangle. Angles can be added and drain locations can be moved. Please consult with our staff regarding limitations and pricing for all of these products.

Standard Size Shower Base

Click the picture above to see the full listing of standard size shower bases. 


Standard shower bases are not available in the GTB colors and Veined Granite series of colors.

Custom Shower Bases

Click the picture above to see the basic construction of a custom shower base.


This picture is also useful to see how they get installed with panels and with or without edge trim and inside corner trim.


Click the picture above to see the full listing of bath tubs.


All bath tubs can be made as whirlpool tubs, 6 or 8 jet systems are available. In line heat systems are also available. (Please get a quote)


Bath tubs using GTB colors or Veined Granite colors, must have a "two toned" interior. 

Click the Picture above to go to the custom shower base order forms page. From there you can print a form and then fill it out completely to send in via fax to: 610-367-7922 or email to: to order or get a quote.


All orders require a 50% deposit.

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